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Wonder how satisfied others are with Jetsue Ventures Ltd.?

We asked and this is what they had to say:

"We all know how vital safety is to the Oil & Gas Industry and how beneficial it is to both vendors and clients. When our company started its own venture back in 2015, safety was foremost on our mind. We set a goal that, “everyone deserves an incident free worksite environment” and we believe that Jetsue Ventures Ltd. is helping us realize this goal. After trying a few different safety consulting companies, we found that Jetsue Ventures Ltd. was the one that best suited our needs. Professional and detailed advice as well as a client orientated approach are just some of the benefits we’ve experienced while working with Jetsue Ventures Ltd."

- Alex Maurer, Aqua Flow Trucking Ltd.

"Jetsue delivers knowledgeable, outstanding service every time! We appreciate the professional relationship built since 2015."

- Elisabeth Haagsman, P&L Ventures Ltd.

"DigitalIR Technologies is a small two man technical Inspection service company. I have been struggling with ISN, Complyworks and Avetta to meet all of the requirements for different customers. I found it was taking valuable field time away and as soon as I hired Jetsue Ventures I was able to free myself up to do what I am good at. Jetsue has kept my company compliant and my profits high. I should have hired Jetsue sooner."

- Rodger Legault, DigitalIR Technologies Inc.

"I started my business over ten years ago and one of the best decisions that I ever made was to partner with Jetsue Ventures. I knew I needed a safety program but I didn't have a clue (or the time) to develop one. Janette was so helpful AND patient even though it seemed that I asked her the same questions time and again.Being COR certified has no doubt helped us to secure multiple contracts over the years. I know I couldn't have done it without the support and guidance that I received from Jetsue Ventures. I highly recommend Jetsue Ventures, and if I could, I would give them three thumbs up!"

- Kurt Peats, KPEATS & Associates Inc.

"McCormick Ventures Ltd. has been working with Jetsue Ventures since 2013 for our Safety Program. Janette (Jetsue Ventures) is always working on our behalf, making sure that all our safety programs are up to date. She takes care of uploading to lSNetworld, ComplyWorks, and Avetta everything that is needed to stay 100% compliant. When new work practices are needed she makes sure that our Safety Manuals are complete with the new requirements. She also helps with SECOR every year. I would absolutely recommend Jetsue Ventures to every company that is looking for help with their safety." 

- Ilda McCormick, McCormick Ventures Ltd.

"The ISN process was made so simple when we involved Janette Taylor. We highly recommend Jetsue Ventures." 

- Cam Wiebe, Anderson Water Services Ltd.

"Jetsue Ventures professionalism and knowledge greatly simplified the process of enhancing our health & safety program. It was a cost effective and gratifying experience that enabled us to pass our COR audit with very high marks." 

-Richard Brown, Butler Ridge