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Wonder how satisfied others are with Jetsue Ventures Ltd.?

We asked and this is what they had to say:

"DigitalIR Technologies is a small two man technical Inspection service company. I have been struggling with ISN, Complyworks and Avetta to meet all of the requirements for different customers. I found it was taking valuable field time away and as soon as I hired Jetsue Ventures I was able to free myself up to do what I am good at. Jetsue has kept my company compliant and my profits high. I should have hired Jetsue sooner." -Rodger Legault, DigitalIR Technologies

"We initially hired another company who ensured a 100% ISN RAVS score. Regrettably that program was impossible to implement and did not meet COR / SECOR requirements. We then hired Jetsue Ventures and within weeks we had a program that worked for us that was fully compliant to the standards." -Dan McCormick, McCormick Ventures

"The ISN process was made so simple when we involved Janette Taylor. We highly recommend Jetsue Ventures." -Cam Wiebe, Anderson Water Services Ltd.

"Jetsue Ventures professionalism and knowledge greatly simplified the process of enhancing our health & safety program. It was a cost effective and gratifying experience that enabled us to pass our COR audit with very high marks." -Richard Brown, Butler Ridge

Some Jetsue Ventures Clients

5 Mile Pits, BC

Accent Energy Solutions

Aim Ventures, BC

All North Trucking, BC

Altitude First Aid, BC

Ambitious Hotshot & Piloting, BC

Anderson Water Services, BC

Anytime Oilfield Services, BC

Aqua North Water Systems, BC


ArcTech Welding, BC

Aspen Environmental, BC

Atomic Inspection Services, BC

Avalanche Contracting, BC

Bioactive Services, AB

BLT First Aid Services, BC

Bring It Welding, BC

BS Land Services, BC

Burnt River Ventures, BC

Butler Ridge Energy Services, BC

C. Peters Industries, BC

CJ’s Oilfield, BC

CaBren Construction, BC

Camco Ventures, BC

Can-West Exploration, BC

Candoo Oilfield Services, BC

Carbon Mountain Drilling & Water, BC

Cat Track Ranch, BC

Clear Blue Water Systems, BC

Chu Solutions, BC

Cimarron Camp Services, BC

Colin Graff Contracting, BC

Conquest Trucking, BC

Cross Country Mechanical, BC

Dan's Oilfield Rentals, BC

Dave Moore Trucking, BC

DEA Ventures, BC

DM Henderson Roofing, BC

Digital IR, BC


Distinctive Oilfield Solutions, AB

DFA Contracting, BC

Donlan Services Inc.

Donofrio Enterprises, BC

DTA Contracting, BC

Durango Oilfield Services, BC

Duz Cho Logging, BC

Dynamic Combustion, BC

E3M3 Operations, BC

E. Giesbrecht Logging, BC

Edge Electric & Controls, BC

Elite Technologies, BC

Elite Well Testing, BC

Empire Oilfield Ltd, BC

Flat Creek Contracting, BC

Fleet Oilfield Services, BC

Flo-Dynamics Systems, BC

FloRite Environmental Systems, BC

Focus First Aid, BC

Fort St. John Water, BC

Full Bore Contracting, BC.

Gary McAllister Enterprises, BC

Gerald Peters Construction, BC

Gofer Greg Pressure Testing, BC

Golden Bear Transport, BC

Goodlo Holdings, BC

Graham River Oilfield Services, BC

Haab Contracting, BC

Harrison Energy Group, BC

HD Services, BC

High Tech Oilfield Services, BC

High Water Holdings, BC

Highmark Environmental, BC

HM Power, BC

Homer's Oilfield Services, BC

Hudson's Hope Water & Vac, BC

Integrity Custom Processing, BC

J&J Pilot Car Services, BC

Jack Ganson Contracting, BC

Jacques Electric 1997, BC

Jerry Hunter & Sons, BC

Joe Loomis Trucking, BC

K&L Oilfield Holdings, BC

K-Jar Controls, BC

KAMAC Construction, BC

KDP Contracting, BC

Kelly Lake Contracting


KPEATS & Associates, BC

Keen Industries, BC

Keian Coating and Sandblasting, BC

Kevin Crocker Contracting, BC

Kevin Oilfield, BC

Kiskatinaw Clearing, BC

Klassic Oilfield Services, BC

Koala 'T' First Aid Services, BC

Kodiak Ridge Construction, BC

KTS Wireline Services, BC

Less Woods & Sons, BC

Liard River Contracting, BC

Livewire Automation, BC

Lobo Picker Service, BC

Logix Controls, BC

Maundrell Grader & Crane, BC

Max-Vac Enterprises, BC

McCormick Ventures, BC

McKee Vacuum Truck Services, BC

McRae Powder Coating, BC

Mohr Contracting, BC

Nels Ostero, BC

Nemesis Oilfield Services, BC

Nor-Kam Vacuum Pumping, BC

Northern Snowmaking, BC

Northern Vac Services, BC

Northern Valve Services, BC

Off The Rock Trucking Corp, BC

Onyx Medical Services, BC

Outback Ridge Services, BC

P&L Ventures, BC

Paladin Inspection Services, BC

Paramount Metal & Supply, CA

Peace View Enterprises, BC

Pikes Maintenance Services, BC

Pine River Holdings, BC

Proactive Energy, BC

Pro North Oilfield Services, BC

Radford Trucking, BC

Rat Race Contracting, BC

Reg Norman Trucking, BC

Reliance Ventures, BC

Ridgeview Oilfield Services, BC

Rig Ratz Oilfield Services, BC

RNN Transport Services, BC

Roger Rattie Holdings, BC

Russ Wagar Gas & Oilfield, BC

S&D Wildcat One Safety, BC

Schultz Oilfield Services, BC

SHAP Enterprises, BC

Shulman Enterprises, BC

Silver Shadow Inspections, BC

Sipugahma Contracting, BC

Soychuk Contracting, BC

Spider Scaffold Specialties, BC

Spider Web Controls, BC

Spunky Ventures, BC

Stags Water Haulin & Rentals, AB

Stray Cat Industrial Services, BC

Sureway Construction, BC

Swamp Donkey, BC


T.A. Jackson Excavating, BC

Tall Totem Transport, BC

Teashan Oilfield Services, BC

Tergo Solutions, BC

Terra Max Contracting, BC

The Harrison Group, BC

Tippin D Oilfield Services, AB

TJMT Enterprises, BC

TNT Industries, BC

Top Notch Oilfield Services, BC

Trahan Oilfield Services, BC

True Grit Contracting, BC

Tryon Land Surveying, BC

Upbeet Contracting, AB

Van Tech Industries, BC

Vector Geomatics, BC

Vertical Edge Safety


Vidar Mulching, AB

W. Aron Ventures, BC

W6 Contracting, BC

W&D Contracting, BC

Westar Oilfield Rentals, BC

Wharasymyk Contracting, BC

Wide Country Contracting, BC

Wiebe's Oilfield Services, BC

Young's Mills, BC